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Wallpaper distributor and dealers from 103 countries are trusting us. Do you want to join them?

If you are, anywhere in the World, an owner or manager of the decorating company that is operated actively and wants to display more confident position in the market, or an ambitious entrepreneur who believes himself to market our products impressively, we call you to be our distributors! Our dealership strategy is not making a lots of dealer in a short period of time, but gaining dealers that create strong backgrounds, obtain healthy relationships and are able to trade effectively. Obviously, the most significant part of being our distributor is the thing that we do not only aim to be better in the business with the role of our distributors, but also make them sure to meet their expectations from us. 

Wallpaper catalogues by AdaWall are the most used and most diverse marketing tool that we possess and offer to our business partners. We manufacture our own wallpaper catalogs, so they come in an array of sizes. Our partners may either order these catalogs or create catalogs for themselves by combining the products they prefer in one catalog. Our collections designs and textures are very well presented in the catalogues, providing a complete selection for every customer’s needs and expectations. Therefore, as our business partner, you will be well equipped to present and sell the products.If you want to be more informed about who we are, what we expect from our distributors and what we offer to them; we kindly suggest you to fill the form of distributorship from our web page.

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