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The inspiration for the ALFA wallpaper collection by AdaWall comes from the ideas and abstract concepts that we tried to give a visual definition. The sensations that comes from leadership and confidence, strength and calmness, simplicity and depth, balanced color tones of the nature are imprinted in the subtle patterns of the wallcovering from this catalog. Textile inspired and sprided wallpaper for the balances and minimalistic interior design that is not at all plain, but gorgeous in its simplicity.

“Alfa” collection brings a new style to the Adawall’s existing catalogs portfolio by being pure and natural, but, simultaneously, very assertive.

The name itself gave us inspiration while we were working on the catalog’s design, it felt meaningful and it contains fully the style of our new catalogue. The Greek origins of this word is famously known as it begins the Greek. Secondly, in animal science, the female and male animals called Alfa if they identify the rules in the flocks and direct the others. Finally, in human science, the leader who is chosen by the team to organize a better work environment is named as Alfa. With all this in mind, we started to think about this word deeper and decided to specify the images and thoughts it brings to our imagination when we hear it.

Leader…Male, calm, decisive, confident, maybe frank, sometimes unexpectedly deep… However, never fancy, complicated or untidy. Because leaders don’t need to show or prove themselves, they don’t behave in excessive, show-off manners. They create their own special atmosphere. Addition to this, their confidence is silent, because they believe only insecurities are loud. In fact, for leaders, being assertive mostly means going deep in the simplicity. While we were designing our new catalogue, we thought about this kind of a leader.

It seems that with this catalogue Adawall strengthen even more its place in the sector and onward will never give it up, being thousand steps ahead of others. Alfa shows us a special wallpaper design catalogue that can be simple, as much as marvelously assertive at the same time.