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While Persian calls it "Simurg", East calls it "Anka" and West calls it "Phoenix". Anka is a bird which takes place in legends and extraordinary portrayal. It is different from others in the same kind; Anka is the sovereign of the other birds. Moreover, it is the cure of illnesses and has master land in wisdom. It is able to burn itself with its flame and reborn itself on its own again. Because it’s wings are consisted of flame, which looks like a flying magnificent fire.
Is it possible to not wonder about such a bird, while there are many things about it to be mentioned? Under this circumstance, all bird species start to wonder about it and decide to reach Anka. However, it is not that much easy to reach it; Anka lives in the foothills of Kaf Mountains’ which is above clouds and far far away from the other birds. That’s why this herd needs to overcome tough valleys and rugged hills to arrive the place that Anka lives. On this journey the birds which are weak and tired can’t continue. Consequently, only thirty birds (si: thirty murg: bird) remain and perform the success of reaching Anka. On the other hand, the ones that arrive can’t find Anka and understand it was an inner journey which they made to find themselves.
Öz Ateş Company put AdaWall facility into practice after a long term working process. Nowadays, AdaWall is preparing itself to announce “Anka”; the first catalog of the facility that will hit the headlines in the wallpaper sector. There are reasons why we found “Anka” very meaningful as a first catalog name. We identify Anka with our new established wallpaper facility, the purpose of this facility and our company story. To begin with, AdaWall is born out of –metaphorically from its ashes- its main company Öz Ateş which can be translated as core of fire into english. Just the same way as Anka’s rebirth. Moreover, the company started its career with trading wallpaper but it aimed to be producer with the help of knowhow and experience it obtained, just like the birds aims to reach the sovereign of the bird Anka. Finally, because Anka is the cure of illnesses for the other birds, in relation to that we hope this facility will be remedy to the desperate dealers who worries about the tax system in the wallpaper sector that is came into force in recent years.